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Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology Center

Simone Scumpia, M.D.

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Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology Center is clinically led by Dr. Simona Scumpia (MD FACE FRCP), considered one of the front runners of Thyroid care in Austin, Texas and considered an expert in endocrine and thyroid pathology due to her extensive experience over many years in the field.

Dr. Scumpia has created a “one-stop” approach to thyroid care giving patients faster access to appointments (within three days), in-house thyroid testing and imaging, and the finest thyroid cancer care currently available in our community.

An extensive medical support staff to ensure that more patients have an opportunity to receive treatment in a timely manner joins her. Some thyroid problems require immediate attention due to potentially life threatening complications. Most thyroid problems impact the patient’s quality of life and it is our greatest intent to help our patients regain control of their hormones to ensure that they feel good again.

The Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology center also provides public lectures, recruitment for research studies, and is home to the first thyroid support group in Austin.